Coriander Leaves Benefits During Pregnancy Tips That You Should Know

Coriander is a common spice you find in any kitchen. You simply cannot imagine Indian food without the taste of Coriander powder. In many homes, coriander leaves are also used to add taste and essence to curry.

Coriander or Dhania as it is widely known across India, has a very unique aroma and flavor. Many women believe that consuming Coriander leaves during pregnancy offers unique benefits of its own. The leaves are nutritional and rich with many essential ingredients that women need during pregnancy.

coriander leaves during pregnancy

Women should incorporate fresh coriander leaves into their daily diet, especially during pregnancy. You can read about the potential benefits of these leaves on many healthcare websites. You just have to keep in mind that the requirements can vary from one individual to another.

Health benefits of Coriander leaves during pregnancy

Before you start consuming excess coriander leaves, it is a wise decision to approach a health expert for further consultation. The quantity to consume may not be the same for everybody.

  • Nutrient-rich property – If you look closely at the nutritional value of coriander leaves, you will discover that are a good source of folate, potassium, calcium, and Vitamins. These are nutrients that you need during the pregnancy stage. The nutrients are essential as they help in the baby’s development stage. These nutrients also help mothers recover post-pregnancy. You can consume a normal quantity of fresh coriander leaves if you are pregnant.
  • Antioxidant properties – if you check with chemical composition of coriander leaves then you will learn that the leaves are rich in antioxidant agents. This agent is essential as during the pregnancy stage, women develop free radicals in their bodies. Antioxidant agents will help in neutralizing the effects of free radicals. This will in turn help in regulating stress which is very important for pregnant women.
coriander leaves during pregnancy
  • Anti-inflammation – During pre and post-pregnancy stages, women may experience inflammation due to many factors. As per health experts, coriander leaves are known for their high anti-inflammation properties. Including coriander leaves during pregnancy also offers relief from inflammation during childbirth. If you are pregnant then it is best to start consuming coriander leaves in your everyday diet. You can add the leaves as seasoning to your food.
  • Helps with digestion – During the pregnancy stage, women may often suffer from digestion-related issues. Experts state that coriander leaves make digestion easy for the body. So if you are suffering from bloating, constipation and indigestion then you can implement coriander leaves in your diet. The leaves can be added as toppings in curry foods and salads. This will help in regulating gastro-intestinal related issues during pregnancy.
  • Flavouring – It has been noticed that as you get pregnant you become very choosy about your food selection. Women often undergo hormonal changes and so their taste and food craving also gets affected. You can add coriander leaves to any food item that you eat. The aroma of the coriander will make you feel like eating more. This is good for your health and the baby. The best benefit of coriander leaves is that you can consume it raw and fresh. They do not offer any side effects as well.
coriander leaves during pregnancy

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  • Relief from morning sickness – Pregnant women may also experience severe morning sickness symptoms. You just have to smell the coriander leaves fresh aroma. The essence can help cure morning sickness symptoms instantly. You do not have to keep taking medicines to get relief from this condition. You still have to trust your response to this smell. It is best to perform an aroma test in advance.
  • Regulates Blood sugar – During pregnancy, you may have no control over the type of food items you consume. Your body may demand more energy and so you get used to eating sugar in excess. This can increase the blood sugar level. It is best to consume coriander leaves. They help in regulating the blood sugar levels in your body. The leaves are also good if you are diabetic. Always consult health care experts and take serious advice before consuming leaves on your own.

Coriander certainly leaves during pregnancy and proves beneficial for you. This does not mean that you do not have to focus on a well-balanced diet. Always be sure that you consult physicians before you take any step. 

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