Why are Little Mermaid Cakes Famous?

One of the most mysterious, still beautiful parts of our world is the oceans. The mermaids are such mysterious unreal characters, yet they are liked by the kids very much. The complete credit goes to the character created by Disney.

It’s obvious that a party should have a cake; if it has a theme, then the party will be great to feed the celebration mode. It’s a good idea if you celebrate for your beloved once on their special day and that too kids with a little mermaid cake theme.

All sorts of fancy looks are available under this theme. Overall, it’s special for kids, so it’s more special and great care is taken to attract and satisfy them.


The concept or the theme is all about the little mermaid. The graceful face of the mermaid is made as the main part of the cake sometimes with or without the tail part. The scaley parts are well decorated to attract the kids. In a few concepts of cake making, the scaley part itself is highly impressive, that is in such a way the scales are decorated on the cake.

Color Theme

The cool colors like green and blue mostly hold the mermaid whereas the warm colors are used in the necessary places only and that too just added as an annexure part. Aqua green to aqua blue, all green-blue color families can be applied in this cake, because the ocean water concept suits well. When all the colors are used rightly, the result is set to be the most attractive form of cake.

Shape and Design

Sometimes the cake itself is in a mermaid shape, which means the design and shape of the cake is exactly a mermaid. Sometimes a part of the cake is the mermaid, i.e., a small eye catchy mermaid is annexed with a normal cake or an ocean theme cake. So, many designs like the mermaid sitting in a shell with all other sea animals’ shapes like starfish, sea horse, crab, jellyfish, different shaped shell fishes, and so on. Different sized pebbles, pearls, corals, green creeper and climber plants, and so on are also used as parts of the cake in order to give a complete oceanic scene of a mermaid.

Many cakes are designed just only with the tail of the mermaid. Other types of cakes are made with a group of little mermaids; and a mermaid sitting on a boat and having a harp. So many designs are available in the market.

Market Availability

Nowadays, anything can be obtained at any time with proper plan and execution. If you wish to surprise your little ones with a little mermaid cake, what your little princess likes the most can be the theme and you can go for it in the market. People in the cake baking industry always love to make this little mermaid cake with whatever idea you put forth in front of them. They are always welcome with new ideas in decoration.

Every parent is very much likely to make their little princess happy on top of anything. It’s just a simple cake but a special one where you can rob your loved one’s heart in a second and make their world as your world of happiness. Try this time with this little mermaid cake theme! Enjoy your party with it!

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