Swarnim Gujarat Sports University – General Information And Specs

Sports activities have attracted many students to join sports clubs to pursue healthy careers in this field. If you choose to be a full-time sportsperson, then you certainly don’t have much choice in the academic field. Earlier there were not many options for sports-loving candidates.

Swarnim Gujarat Sports University

Today, you can seek admission to a top university like Swarnim Gujarat Sports University (SGSU). The university was established in 2011 and is affiliated with the Government of India (Gujarat State). The university comes under UGC approved plan by the government. If you want to be a professional sportsperson, then this is the right university for you.

Who Can Join Swarnim Gujarat Sports University?

There certainly are no rules when it comes to joining Swarnim Gujarat Sports University. In general, if you are an aspiring sports person you can join this university. If you want to polish your sports skills in any sporting event or game, you can always take admitted to this state university.

Swarnim Gujarat Sports University

The university offers courses in graduation and post-graduation for aspiring candidates. You can look around for different programs like sports psychology, sports journalism or sports athletics. The best benefit is that you also get to practise your sports as per international level.

Ranking & Accreditation

If you are aware of UGC (University Grants Commission) program then you are aware of the university Ranking and Accreditation. SGSU is affiliated with the UGC program. On the global platform, this university is ranked in the 450th position.

Swarnim Gujarat Sports University

It is one of its kind, University in India that is dedicated to sports persons and athletes. Students who want to earn a name in sporting events can look around for the best course and training program.

Courses Offered in Swarnim Gujarat Sports University

Why should sports be selected by students only at the post-graduation and graduation levels? Sports persons are born at the undergraduate level as well. This is one advantage of SGSU. Students can join this university for undergraduate courses as well.

The university offers courses for B.PEd, MBA and M.PEd levels. In physical education (PEd), you can look around for courses at under and postgraduate levels. Students taking admission to this University get a chance to participate in sporting events alongside academics. You can collect complete details for courses offered online on the official University website.

Facilities & Infrastructure

As the university campus is funded by Gujarat State Government, the University has a big campus which is widespread in 130 Acres of land. As per the updates, more land is being added to the university. You may find all the basic facilities within the University campus.

Swarnim Gujarat Sports University

It houses a residential school, library and students’ academic blocks. You certainly can rate the University as a sports complex. You will also find an international-grade Alumni base established on the campus. For excellence in academics, each classroom is converted into a smart classroom. The university also has a computer lab for students.

Eligibility and Admission

Being good at sports does not mean that your academic performance can be completely overlooked. To get admission to SGSU students have to pass the entrance exam. Each candidate is also exposed to a special round of interview questions.

Candidate should show skills in the interview round. If you want to take admitted for any postgraduate course then the candidate must secure a minimum of 50% marks. This is the minimum eligibility for any student who wants to take admitted in any field.

Placement Options

Just like other Universities, SGSU runs its placement program for graduating students. The University is believed to have a strong link with sports clubs and programs for students. Pre-placement fair is also organized by the University.

Students also get a chance to participate in mock interviews and hiring processes at the University itself. 

Swarnim Gujarat Sports University

If you complete a post-graduate program at this University, then you can dream of a lucrative sports career at National Level.

Student Activities

When you enroll in SGSU you can access all types of activities. The University campus has access to a state-level gym and sports section. Students are also exposed to library and laboratory facilities. Students who study here at the campus can also access auditorium facilities.

If you are interested in computers then you can also access the computer laboratory. For extra-curricular activities, students can also enjoy the campus playground. You will have access to all sporting events during your course tenure.

The University aims at offering state of art academic education. It focuses on all types of sports for the students as well. The main aim of the University is to help students develop in physical activities and academic studies.

Swarnim Gujarat Sports University

You can dream of taking up a job as a national or state-level coach or player once you graduate from this University. As a sports person, students also learn to be self-disciplined. They can also aim to be a professional athlete or any professional sportsperson.

The Swarnim Gujarat Sports University aims at polishing the student’s skills with academic education and sports at the same time. the University is based in Gandhinagar- Gujarat. You can reach this University from Ahmedabad.

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