Best Electric Sports Bike Your Money Can Buy

With fossil fuels getting exhausted and expensive, the race for the best electric sports bike is on globally. Different manufacturers are now shifting towards producing better quality sports bikes that will be powered by electric power.

Today you can purchase electric bikes from any leading showroom. As per reports, in the coming years, it is expected that electric sports bikes will replace diesel and petrol-powered bikes on the road. Electric bikes are getting more energy efficient. You can ride miles of distance on a single charge.

Electric Sports Bike

These bikes are a better option as they are zero-emission bikes. The bikes do not burn fossil fuel so they don’t pollute the environment. If you purchase an electric sports bike you may not have to invest much money on maintenance.

Top Electric Sports Bike 

When you search the market, you will come across many brands. A few of these bikes are also yet to be introduced for the buyers. When you invest money in these bikes, you may not have to worry about increasing fuel costs. The bikes are also considered as best one-time investment, your money can buy.

  1. Revolt (RV 400)

The good thing about RV 400 is that it looks very much like a regular sports bike. The bike has been provided with an ignition that is noise-less. The bike is powered by a powerful 4kW motor. When in full power the bike can produce a torque of 17Nm.

Electric Sports Bike

If you like speed, then this is the best bike as it can achieve a top speed of 85 km per hour. On a single charge, you can go up to 150 kilometres. It hardly takes 5 hours to charge the battery to its full capacity. The bike is also affordable as you just have to spend around INR 1,40,000 on the road.

  1. Joy E-bike (monster)

The Joy e-bike is powered by Lithium-ion (72W) powerful battery. It is also designed to reach up to 95 kilometres when it is fully charged. The unique feature of this sports bike is that it is provided with a mono-suspension shock-absorbing feature.

Electric Sports Bike

You can quickly charge the bike to its full capacity in 5 hours. The battery consumes around 3.3 units to charge to its maximum capacity. You can also purchase this sports bike in white, black and red color. You just have to invest around INR 1,02,249 to get this bike on-road.

  1. Tork Kratos (R)

If the distance is your concern, then Tork Kratos R offers the best mileage. On a single charge, the bike is designed to cover up to 180 KM. It truly is an electric-powered sports bike as you can touch the top speed of 105 KM per hour. The bike has many other smart features as well.

Electric Sports Bike

The battery is fast charge type and you only take 60 minutes to charge the battery to 80 % capacity. You can purchase sports bikes in four color – blue, black, red and white. The bike is available for a slightly higher price of INR 1,92,499 and a subsidized price tag of INR 1,07,999.

  1. Komaki Ranger 2023

If you like Avenger style, then this is the perfect bike for you. It has an ergonomic body that is ideal for long drives. The bike is powered by a 4.5 W motor. It is designed to go up to 220 km when charged to its full capacity. You can also reach a maximum speed of 80 Km on the highway.

Electric Sports Bike

The bike has special features like blue tooth, dual exhaust and mobile charging point. You can also enjoy the reverse mode of the bike. The suspensions are also adjustable type. You just have to spend around INR 1,85,000 to get this bike in Garnet red and black color.

  1. Cyborg Bob

Since its launch in 2022, Cyborg Bob has been the best seller in the market. The sports bike will reach a top speed of 85 Km/hr. The most safe feature of this bike is that its 2.88 W (lithium-ion) battery is removable type. If you want to charge the battery then you can carry it to your room.

Electric Sports Bike

If the battery is fully charged then you can cover a distance of 110Km. the bike is also equipped with an IP-67 display that is certified by the authorities. To purchase this bike you only have to spend around INR 1,14,999. All the features of the bike can be controlled from the LED display dashboard.

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  1. Odysse Evoqis

If you want to get a feel of riding fuel powered bike then this is the best choice. You may find the external body very much attractive and masculine. This is a perfect electric sports bike as it can reach a speed of 100 Km/hr. This motor has a power of 3000 W and is able to run the motor and provide it with power.

Electric Sports Bike

It is the best bike for any city road. You have to spend INR 1,66,250 if you want to purchase this bike. It is equipped with a 15W charger. You can charge the bike from any charging point. You can purchase all the above electric sports bikes from the official website.

The best thing about an electric bike is that you may not need a professional license to ride the bike on the road. One must be of legal age. . Electric bikes are considered the best investment for the future.

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