What to Put in Dog Food to Stop Eating Poop

What You Can Add To The Dogs Food To Stop Eating Poop?

You come across a few dogs who have a habit of eating poop. This habit is common among younger puppies. Most adult dogs may also develop this habit if they are ill. You can train your dog so he avoids eating poop. You can continue reading further to get familiar with What to Put in Dog Food to Stop Eating poop. You can add few ingredients to the food that you give to your pet dog.

What to Put in Dog Food to Stop Eating Poop

Select Nutrition-Rich Pedigree Food

Feeding dogs high-nutritional food is important. It is a must that dogs need to get essential nutrients from their daily food intake. If the food that you feed lacks vital nutrients, then dogs may choose to eat poop and waste.

What to Put in Dog Food to Stop Eating Poop

If you are choosing pedigree food, always focus on the essential nutrients. You can also take experts’ advice while buying dog food. Select food that is made up of natural ingredients and food supplements.

Meat Tenderizers

If you feed your dog with pedigree food, then you can also add a small amount of meat tenderizer to the food. Any dog may love the meat essence. This also proves effective as the dog may not be interested in feeding on its faeces.

What to Put in Dog Food to Stop Eating Poop

You can also try adding hot sauce to the meat tenderizer. This would also make the food spicier for your dog. Dogs are always attracted to pleasant meat smell.

Apple Cider

You can add Apple cedar to the dog food to replace meat flavor. If you are concerned about what to put in dog food to stop eating poop then Apple cider is the right option. Vinegar mixed with dog poop will produce an unpleasant odour.

What to Put in Dog Food to Stop Eating Poop

Dogs may not want to eat the poop if it smells like vinegar. You can add a few drops of vinegar to the meal directly. A few days of this practice may prove helpful for your dog as well.

Enzyme Supplements

Digestive enzymes are acidic and so is the smell. Most dogs may find this odour very unpleasant. You can add selected digestive enzymes to the dog food. This is helpful as the enzymes will also help in the process of digestion.

What to Put in Dog Food to Stop Eating Poop

When passed out in the faeces, the unpleasant odour is still present. So, if you feed enzymes to your dog then he may not feel like eating his poop. This can also be made a daily habit as enzymes are not harmful to your pet dog.

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Mineral Supplements

Mineral supplements always work magic for dogs. You can buy the best supplements from any leading dog food store. These supplements can be added to the dog food. Supplements will provide all vital minerals to your dog. This will help as your dog may give up eating poop.

What to Put in Dog Food to Stop Eating Poop

These are only a few things that you can add to the dog food so he or she may stop eating poop. You can also encourage your pet dog to eat a full vegetable diet. Probiotics also prove effective and can easily be added to dog food.

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